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 Sculpture in the Park 2006

The Ottawa Hills Foundation is pleased to sponsor the third Sculpture in the Park-2006 exhibition.   It will again be placed in the area called Arrowhead Point.   This section of land, bounded by Secor Road, W. Bancroft Street and Indian Road, provides optimal unhindered exposure for sculpture.   Thousands of cars pass by the exhibit daily.   Ample parking is available so viewers may proceed on foot.   The exhibition sculpture will be placed among the three permanent sculpture pieces on site.

In addition, the exhibition will be placed on two websites-one sponsored by Midwest Sculpture Initiative at and the other by The Village of Ottawa Hills at   The 2005 exhibition can be viewed on these sites.   Press releases are routinely sent throughout the exhibition and have created extensive positive publicity.   Two thousand brochures will be printed showing the sculptures and containing a bio of the sculptors.   In 2005, the first Arts AliveDay was attended by over 300 Ottawa Hills residents.   Set in the sculpture garden, various art activities, performances and introductions of the sculptors provided a wonderful end to the exhibition.   Arts Alive Day is scheduled for 2006, but road construction through the parking facilities in late summer may cancel the event.  

The Art in the Park -2005 exhibition was listed as one of the outstanding area art activities for the year by the Toledo Blade.

The artist may submit their proposal by maquette, 5x8 or larger drawing or 5x8 or larger photograph. Sculpture composition, dimensions, weight and specific needs for sculpture installation and base must be included.

Selection of sculpture will be made by the Sculpture in the Park Committee .   The committee's criteria include a mixture of styles that are large enough to "hold their space" and be easily viewed by passing cars.

  • Sculpture Proposal must be submitted to Curator Peggy Grant by March 14 , 2006. Notification of selection will be by March 21, 2006 .
  • After notification of selection, the artist will immediately arrange for a delivery date and discuss installation needs with exhibition installer, Ken Thompson, at Flatlanders Art Galleries, 517-486-4591.   Sculpture is planned to be on site on or about May 1, 2006.   Pick up of sculpture will   be a reasonable time be after closing date of October 24, 2006.   A $100.00 stipend will be awarded to help with delivery and removal expenses.
  • The artist must determine if the sculpture is for sale and determine price after consultation with Curator Peggy Grant.
  • The artist's sculpture will be used as a teaching tool by the primary and secondary schools of the Ottawa Hills School System.   The artist is required to provide the artist's choice of teaching aids such as: description of inspiration for sculpture; description of sculpture building process and other teaching aids of the artist's choice.
  • A short artist bio for publicity use is required.
  • The artist will provide insurance against: damage, theft and vandalism.   The Village of Ottawa Hills will provide injury liability.
  • The artist may be asked for publicity interviews at the artist's convenience.

Sculptures may be placed for sale.   The artist will receive 60% of the sales price, the Ottawa Hills Foundation will receive 20% commission and Peggy Grant as Curator and organizer will receive a 20% commission on any sales.   In previous years The Ottawa Hills Foundation has purchased a sculpture.   If the Foundation determines that a purchase will be made in 2006, the choice of the sculpture will be shared equally between three decision makers: The Ottawa Hills Foundation; The Sculpture in the Park Committee; and majority votes of the school children of Ottawa Hills School System.

"Sculpture in the Park " 2006 Village of Ottawa Hills- Toledo, Ohio

May 1, 2006 to October 24, 2006

Peggy Grant
New Century Art & Design Studio
2821 Latonia Boulevard, Toledo, Ohio 43606
419-472-8127, Fax 419-324-2404


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